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At Mariana's adult home care staff is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any kind of assistance.

Quality and compassion  is our main goal

    Whether it is monitoring an individual's diet and care,or making a newcomer feel at home, we are attentive to our resident's needs.

     Compassion, hard work, commitment and love enable us to provide excellent service.           

    Our one-on-one personal attention helps individuals regain mobility and maintain theirs activities of daily living at the highest possible level.

    Our commitment to caring offers residents their best opportunity for living in a home like environment and life style.



Our belief is that quality meals are the key to a healthy lifestyle.

   Our home cooked meals are not only delicious but also nutritious.  

   Meals are served three times daily with fruits and salads.

   Snacks are also available.

   Special diets are followed as per doctor’s recommendation as well.

   Special meals are served for special occasions!


Our Services:


   We provide loving, tender care in a family like atmosphere.

   All of the daily activities are assisted by trained staff.

   Medical monitoring and medication dispensing are strictly and highly supervised.

   Dressing, showering, walking are always under professional supervision.

   We offer private rooms equipped with power beds, power armchairs, cable and  phone.               

    Laundry and bed linens are complementary included in our services.

   Large windows, doors, hallways and living space contribute to a beautiful, comfortable environment.

   Recreational activities are also a part of our daily routine.

   Motion detectors and intercoms are part of our safety devices.

   All care is under the direction of the resident’s personal physician.



                    Thank you for visiting and considering Mariana's A.C.H


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